Annual emergency tabletop exercise scheduled for Dec. 7

Vanderbilt University’s Office of Emergency Management will conduct its annual tabletop exercise on Thursday, Dec. 7. The exercise is a crucial component of OEM’s ongoing commitment to improving and ensuring campus safety and preparedness.

The exercise is a collaborative, scenario-based discussion and allows participants to simulate a response to an emergency situation in a classroom setting. It’s aim is to give university leaders and relevant personnel the opportunity to come together, analyze potential challenges and review response procedures without the pressure of a real-time event.

Representatives from Vanderbilt departments and responding agencies around the Nashville area will participate in the exercise and provide insight about their respective response capabilities.

The main purposes of the exercise are to:

  • Assess the university’s readiness to respond to and manage an emergency on campus
  • Review the effectiveness of existing plans, policies, procedures and training modules
  • Determine and implement improvements to existing materials and resources

Questions about this exercise can be directed to the Office of Emergency Management.