Vanderbilt welcomes Nashville leaders, hosts Metro Council orientation

On Sept. 22, Vanderbilt University hosted the newly elected Metro Council for an orientation led by Metro staff and departments. Council members received presentations from officials covering topics ranging from planning and zoning to transportation and Metro’s charter. The orientation offered first-time council members a deeper understanding of Metro government’s wide-ranging functions and provided a refresher for returning members.

Chancellor Daniel Diermeier briefly addressed the council, emphasizing that Nashville finds itself at a pivotal moment in its history, where it is crucial to be brave and resolute in the face of challenges.

The event welcomed council members who represent parts of Vanderbilt’s campus and population, including Tom Cash (District 18), Brenda Gadd (District 24), Brandon Taylor (District 21), Terry Vo (District 17), Jacob Kupin (District 19) and Sandy Ewing (District 34).

“Vanderbilt is proud to continue this tradition and welcome Nashville’s leaders on our campus,” said Eben Cathey, senior director of local government relations. “We congratulate all members of the council and look forward to moving our city forward together.”

Vanderbilt is committed to its role as a hub for community engagement, and events like these exemplify the university’s dedication to fostering meaningful connections with Nashville’s leadership. Vanderbilt looks forward to further collaboration with the council, working together to address the pressing issues that affect the campus and the wider Nashville community.