Apply for the Vanderbilt Staff Mentorship Program; applications due Sept. 27  

What you need to know 

  • The Vanderbilt Staff Mentorship Program helps employees connect and learn from each other. 
  • All eligible staff members can serve as a mentor, mentee or both (in which case, fill out both applications). 
  • Returning program participants must fill out new applications. 
  • Applications are due on Sept. 27, and pairing of mentors with mentees will take place Oct. 23–Dec. 15. 


After a successful launch last fall, the Vanderbilt Staff Mentorship Program will continue toward its goal of helping more employees connect and learn from each other. 

The goals of the Vanderbilt Staff Mentorship Program are to: 

  • foster the professional and career growth of employees 
  • spark connections and offer access to potential mentors, while also fostering a sense of connectedness, community and belonging 
  • create an opportunity for mentoring relationships to grow organically 
  • foster a culture of ongoing mentorship throughout the university 

How it works 

All eligible staff members can serve as a mentor, mentee or both. To serve as both a mentor and a mentee, please fill out both applications at the links below. All mentors and mentees, whether new or returning to the program, must fill out a new application. 

Applications are due on Sept. 27. Appointments between mentors and mentees are encouraged to take place beginning Oct. 23–Dec. 15. 


Each mentee is invited to meet with up to two mentors. To be eligible to serve as a mentee, you must:   

  • Be prepared to discuss goals and career plans and appreciate alternative viewpoints and advice 
  • Be willing to devote at least three hours to the mentorship program over the course of Oct. 23–Dec. 15 

 The expectation is that this is a one-time mentoring conversation, which will provide the mentee face time with a mentor who may provide insights on career and professional growth. Longer-term mentoring relationships may evolve but are not guaranteed. The continuation of the relationship will be determined by the mentee and mentor. 

Apply as a mentee by Sept. 27 >> 


To be eligible to serve as a mentor, you must:   

  • Be knowledgeable in your field or area  
  • Be willing to devote at least two hours to the mentorship over the course of Oct. 23–Dec. 15 
  • Be passionate about supporting professional development of Vanderbilt University staff members 
  • Be in good standing with the university

Apply as a mentor by Sept. 27 >> 

Informational session on Sept. 6 

Vanderbilt Staff Mentorship Program informational session
Wednesday, Sept. 6
1–2 p.m. 
This virtual session will provide an overview of the program and additional information on how you can get involved to invest in your professional growth and that of your colleagues.   

Register for the information session >> 

Even if you are unable to attend live, register to receive the relevant information and link to the recorded session. 

Why participate? 

The mentorship program is among the recommendations resulting from the Future of Work initiative, with support from the University Staff Advisory Council and the Staff Women’s Advancement and Equity Council. 

Mentoring programs provide numerous benefits for mentors, mentees and organizations, including 

  • increased employee engagement and retention 
  • positive contributions toward equity, diversity and inclusion efforts 
  • support for personal and professional development 
  • improvement of workplace culture 
  • career growth and succession planning 
  • promotion of collaboration and teamwork 

What participants say: 

“I was really excited for the Vanderbilt Staff Mentorship Program. As a mentor, it was nice to connect with individuals to share how Vanderbilt is structured and discuss how to navigate growing a career here at Vanderbilt. I look forward to participating not only as a mentor but also a mentee in the future.” 

  • Jana Blick, senior director of research finance in the Office of Contract and Grant Accounting 

“The Vanderbilt Staff Mentorship Program was such a meaningful experience as someone who loves to network with individuals from across campus. My mentors, G.L. Black and Anna Thomas, were both phenomenal to meet and learn from. They gave me amazing professional advice that is helping me grow in my career. I appreciated their feedback, suggestions and contacts they suggested I reach out to so I could continue networking.” 

  • Allie Saxon Noote, associate director of student affairs at Vanderbilt’s School of Nursing 

If you have any questions, please email and visit the Vanderbilt Staff Mentorship Program website for additional details.