Everything you need to know about staying informed 

Staying informed about everything happening on campus, within your school and in your residential college can be a challenge. Vanderbilt provides numerous ways to keep you up to date about important information, from scholarship and grant opportunities to events and activities. This list of resources can help you stay in the know as you embark on your Vanderbilt journey.    


Checking your email is one of the most vital ways to stay up to date on information from professors and classmates. You can find all the steps needed to access your email by mobile on VUIT’s webpage.  


MyVU is the university’s primary means of communicating directly with the campus community. Published three times per week, the email newsletter features campus news, messages from leadership, profiles of community members, upcoming events, involvement opportunities and more. The MyVU website is updated daily at New students should begin receiving MyVU emails at the start of the academic year.   

Get Social @Vanderbilt 

In a fast-paced world where we get much of our information from social media, Vanderbilt has you covered. If you use any of our hashtags—#VandyGram #AnchorDown or #VU2027—you may be featured on our channels! Be sure to follow us on all platforms and show your Vanderbilt pride:   

X (formerly known as Twitter) 

InnerVU Newsletter  

InnerVU is a weekly email newsletter distributed to all campus residents during the academic year. It provides campus and student organizations and departments an opportunity to advertise—free of charge—their events and activities.   

Anchor Link   

Have you signed up for Anchor Link? It’s a crucial tool for finding student organizations that align with your interests. It also helps leaders engage with members, publicize campus events, promote important news and receive applications for new organizations. 

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