Community volunteers help beautify Vanderbilt’s Acorn School

The Acorn School at the 18th Avenue child care center hosted a greening event over two afternoons on June 6 and 7, thanks to generous support from Ruppert Landscape and more than a dozen Vanderbilt community volunteers. The event, organized by Acorn School family members Mia and Marvin Clermont, engaged children and staff in beautifying the grounds and replacing a playground tree lost in a big spring windstorm. 

The Acorn School highly values children’s natural-wonder learning and cares deeply about offering a playscape filled with the beauty of the outdoors. When children are entrusted and encouraged to help responsibly maintain their learning environment, they perceive themselves as powerful protagonists capable and competent to be good stewards of their community’s resources. 

“Family engagement is the hallmark of a positive school climate,” said Kathleen Seabolt, executive director of the Vanderbilt Child and Family Center. “We are grateful for the Clermont parents’ leadership in this event, and all the other families and community members who volunteered.” 

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