Broadview housing project nearing completion; new leasing segments open   

The Broadview at Vanderbilt residential community, the university’s first public-private partnership (P3), is nearing completion. The building will open for resident move-in on July 10. The second retail business to occupy the space, 8th & Roast Coffee Co., also will open this summer.  

The university is partnering with Balfour Beatty Campus Solutions and Axium Infrastructure to build quality housing near campus that would foster opportunities for residents to create community and build interdisciplinary connections.  

This will be 8th & Coffee Co.’s fourth Nashville location. Other locations are on Eighth Avenue, Charlotte Avenue and in the Nashville Airport. The Broadview’s other retail partner, Turnip Truck, will open later this fall or early winter. 

Vanderbilt provided land for the project, but the building is owned and operated by BBCS/Axium. As with market housing developments, the project must be financially self-sustaining. The partnership with Vanderbilt requires BBCS/Axium to maintain rental rates that are below market value for comparable housing. Overall, unit rents are approximately 18 percent below market this year compared with similarly appointed apartment buildings near Vanderbilt’s campus.  

In early June, the Broadview will open leasing to Nashville-area graduate and professional students from neighboring institutions, as the Vanderbilt leasing priority outlined in the partnership contract expires. Later in the summer, additional leasing segments will open to Vanderbilt faculty and staff, postdoctoral scholars, undergraduate students, Vanderbilt University Medical Center staff and other community members.  

The housing project will have 616 beds, a mixture of unit sizes with washer/dryers and private bathrooms, a public courtyard, a fitness center and a collaborative workspace. More information about the project and leasing options is available online. A grand opening will be planned this fall.