First cohort of Global Scholars in Residence announced 

Four international scholars will visit Vanderbilt University this spring as the first cohort of the Global Scholars in Residence program. Introduced in November 2022, the program will boost the university’s global profile through scholarly partnerships and collaboration.   

“Launching the Global Scholars in Residence program is an important step in expanding Vanderbilt’s connections around the world,” Chancellor Daniel Diermeier said. “This program will give our faculty rich opportunities for collaboration and exchange with peers worldwide and, in the process, will make more people outside North America aware of the leading work we’re doing in so many areas.”  

Visiting scholars are selected through an application process that prioritizes new scholarship, collaboration across departments and schools, and investment in ongoing relationships. The goal is to establish new relationships around that world that produce ongoing scholarship and open new avenues for grants and fundraising. 

“At the core of this program are the relationships our faculty will build with the world,” said Tracey George, vice provost for faculty affairs and professional education. “Each visit will not only deepen scholarship through collaboration, but also open additional doors around the world for our students.” 

The first cohort includes the following: 

Ewan McGoughey, an expert in enterprise law from King’s College London, will be hosted by Ganesh Sitaraman, New York Alumni Chancellor’s Professor of Law, to collaborate on the new Vanderbilt Policy Accelerator for Political Economy and Regulation. Morgan Ricks, Herman O. Loewenstein Professor of Law, will co-host the visit. McCoughey will be on campus April 1–8.  

Albert Yoon, an expert in labor markets and legal ethics from the University of Toronto Faculty of Law, will be hosted by J.B. Ruhl, David Daniels Allen Distinguished Professor of Law, Lecturer in Law Caitlin Moon and the Program in Law and Innovation. Dave Owens, professor of the practice of management and innovation and Evans Family Executive Director of the Wond’ry, will co-host the visit. Yoon will visit campus beginning April 25.  

Gustavo Goldman, a microbiologist from the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil, will be hosted by Antonis Rokas, Cornelius Vanderbilt Professor of Biological Sciences. Goldman, whose visit includes a seminar open to the microbiology community and collaboration with students and staff in the Rokas Lab, will be on campus mid-June. 

Ivana Isgum, a leading scholar of AI and medical imaging at the University of Amsterdam, will be hosted by Bennett Landman, professor of electrical and computer engineering. Isgum will serve as a visiting lecturer and researcher during a 28-day stay beginning June 28. 

“Game-changing discovery requires diverse perspectives, a global outlook and collaboration that spans continents,” Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs C. Cybele Raver said. “This program will enrich our research enterprise and the experiences of faculty and students alike. I want to thank not only the extraordinary researchers who’ll be joining us this spring and summer, but also our Vanderbilt faculty who will host them. I am excited to see the work that comes of these collaborations.” 

Five additional scholars already have been approved for fall visits. Details will be shared when the second cohort of the Global Scholars in Residence program is announced in early summer.  

If you have questions about the Global Scholars in Residence program’s first cohort of visiting scholars, please contact the Office of Faculty Development at