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Limited Submission Opportunity: 2023 William T. Grant Foundation Scholars Program

Applications due March 8

These instructions are for VU investigators. VUMC investigators should visit the OOR funding opportunity site.

Vanderbilt University may select one nominee per major school/division for the William T. Grant Foundation Scholars Program.

The award amount is $350,000 distributed over five years, and the goal of the program is to support career development for promising early career researchers in one of two focus areas:

  1. Reducing Inequality: Supports studies to build, test or increase understanding of programs, policies and practices that reduce inequality in the academic, social, behavioral or economic outcomes in youth (ages 5–25) in the United States. The foundation prioritizes studies that aim to reduce inequalities that exist along dimensions of race, ethnicity, economic standing, language minority status or immigrant origins.
  2. Improving the Use of Research Evidence: Supports research on strategies to improve the use of research evidence in ways that benefit youth (ages 5–25) in the United States. The foundation welcomes descriptive studies that reveal the strategies, mechanisms or conditions for improving research use, as well as evaluations of deliberate efforts to increase routine and beneficial uses of research in decision-making.

The program funds research and mentoring plans that significantly expand junior researchers’ expertise in new disciplines, methods and content areas. The foundation recognizes that early career researchers are rarely given incentives or support to take such risks, so this award includes a mentoring component as well as an emphasis on community and collaboration.

A list of previous awardees can be found here.

Eligibility criteria

  • Applicants must have received their terminal degree within seven years of submitting their application. This is calculated by adding seven years to the date the doctoral degree was conferred. In medicine, the seven-year maximum is dated from the completion of the first residency. The month in which the degree was conferred or residency completed does not matter for this calculation.
  • Applicants must hold a tenure-track position.
  • Applicants should have a track record of conducting high-quality research and an interest in pursuing a significant shift in their trajectories as researchers.

See the program website for more information and the 2023 guidelines, including recommended components of the Research Plan and Mentoring Plan.

Internal application instructions

Interested faculty should visit to apply for the internal LSO competition and to find additional information about the opportunity. The deadline for the internal competition is March 8, 2023.

Any questions about these opportunities may be directed to