Become a faculty VUceptor, welcome new students in fall 2023

Each fall Vanderbilt University welcomes a diverse cohort of more than 1,600 new first-year undergraduate students. These students are invited to join the Vanderbilt family, provided support in the transition process and shown the vast network of resources available to ensure their success.

All new first-year students participate in an extended orientation program called Vanderbilt Visions, which is co-facilitated by an upper-division peer mentor and a faculty member, called a VUceptor.

Faculty VUceptors are dedicated to assisting and learning from first-year students and work to model dynamic and meaningful professor-student interaction. VUceptors support students throughout CommonVU orientation and for the duration of the fall semester Vanderbilt Visions program.

Applications to serve as a faculty VUceptor are now open.

All individuals who hold a faculty appointment at Vanderbilt are eligible to apply. Staff members who do not hold a faculty appointment will be considered on a case-by-case basis if they hold a terminal degree in their academic field and have the support of their supervisor. Training will be provided to all faculty VUceptors, and no prior experience is necessary.

Successful faculty VUceptors usually commit approximately two to three hours per week of their time to the program between August and October. In addition, all faculty VUceptors are asked to attend a short training in the spring and a full-day training in August. Precise time commitments for the role are outlined on the application form.

“Vanderbilt Visions is one of the most important ways that new students learn about how to connect with and contribute to a welcoming and inclusive community. Equally importantly, Visions is an amazing opportunity to get to know students in a context that is different from a traditional classroom,” said Melissa Gresalfi, Dean of Residential Colleges. “In Visions meetings you have an opportunity to learn about who students are, where they come from and how they hope to grow. Leading a Visions group has truly transformed my teaching and my relationship with students.”

Applications are available online, with a priority review deadline of Feb. 24.

Questions about the faculty VUceptor role? Email