Margaret Cuninggim Women’s Center seeks nominations for 2023 awards

The Margaret Cuninggim Women’s Center is seeking nominations for its annual awards that recognize and honor Vanderbilt community members for their contributions to the advancement of university women. The deadline to submit nominations is Tuesday, Feb. 28.

Nominations may be submitted via Anchor Link (scroll to the “Forms” section near the bottom of the page).

Margaret Cuninggim Women’s Center Leadership Award

The Margaret Cuninggim Women’s Center Leadership Award is presented annually to an undergraduate, graduate or professional student who demonstrates leadership in activities that contribute to the achievements, interests and goals of women or that promote gender equity.

Mentoring Award

The Mentoring Award is presented annually to an individual in the Vanderbilt community who has helped to support women on campus through professional and intellectual development.

Mary Jane Werthan Award

The Mary Jane Werthan Award is presented annually to an individual who has contributed significantly to the advancement of women at Vanderbilt University. It is named for Mary Jane Werthan, the first woman member of the Vanderbilt Board of Trust. The award honors three qualities characteristic of Werthan: vision, persistence and extraordinary skill in interpersonal and institutional relations.

The Mary Jane Werthan Award recognizes the debt that women at Vanderbilt University owe to those individuals who have had the vision to see how things ought to be, the courage to persist in their hopes over time, and the skills necessary to bring new attitudes and practices into being. The award offers tribute to the humor, intelligence and graceful determination of those individuals whose work has enhanced the entire VU community.

View a comprehensive list of previous award recipients on the Women’s Center’s website.

For questions or more information, contact Rory Dicker, Women’s Center director, at