Infants 0–9 months and their birth parents needed for research study

The Healthy Brain and Child Development pilot study is seeking infants ages 0–9 months and their birth parents. The purpose of this study is to inform a nationwide research project that is intended to learn how children grow and change early in life.

The researchers want to better understand how children’s brains develop and are affected by different environments. You may choose to participate in some or all of the pilot study activities.

Moms would be asked to complete questionnaires and/or provide saliva and nail samples. We would also ask your child to donate saliva, urine and stool samples; undergo an EEG; undergo an MRI; and/or wear a sensor that tracks heart rate and movement.

You will be compensated for each element of the pilot study that you and your child complete (e.g., $25 for EEG, $75 for MRI, $50 for sensors, etc.).

Education and Brain Sciences Research Laboratory
Phone: (615) 936-1167