Getting There Sustainably: MoveVU to offer training for Lyft passes and excursion planning for classes, clubs, more Dec. 6

Vanderbilt has a preferred partnership with Lyft to offer a flexible transportation option for faculty, staff and students using ridehail services while conducting official university business. This framework allows for centralized billing and ensures that sponsored travel has parameters guaranteeing a high level of safety and reduced risk. 

Departments can now establish ride parameters for programmatic transportation needs through the Lyft dashboard. Examples of when a department may utilize Lyft for university-sponsored trips include: 

  • Student programs 
  • Event transportation 
  • Backup rides when other options are unavailable 

Program leaders must attend a training session hosted by VU staff about the Lyft dashboard and ensure compliance with university policies before utilizing the dashboard. Lyft now offers Lyft Pass, which will help tailor all or a portion of the cost of rides and control the use and cost of the program. 

If your department, class, club or office is planning an excursion in the spring semester, please join the brief training and Q&A about the Vanderbilt Lyft Ridehail Partnership on Dec. 6 from noon to 1 p.m. Topics will include how to set up Lyft passes for university business and how Vanderbilt’s free public transit benefit can be used to transport groups from campus to downtown and around the region.

All Vanderbilt University riders must sign and return the waiver and release form provided by their group, department or club prior to using this service prior to using passes, codes or concierge service. Undergraduate students should sign the form by searching for “Ridehail Program: Waiver and Release” in AnchorLink.

Miriam Leibowitz, commute concierge manager with the Transportation & Mobility team, and Sabrina Kronk, travel manager with Purchasing & Payment Services, will share important information to get you started and answer your questions. Email for more information or to join the training session. Registration is required to participate. 

About MoveVU 

MoveVU is Vanderbilt’s strategic transportation and mobility plan that falls under the FutureVU comprehensive campus planning efforts and is a highly collaborative partnership between Vanderbilt’s School of Engineering and the Division of Administration. The vision of MoveVU calls for a transformation in how the Vanderbilt community commutes to campus, with less reliance on single-occupancy vehicles and parking lots and a greater focus on sustainable commute modes, green spaces and a forward-thinking use of limited downtown space. Visit the MoveVU website to learn more about the university’s strategic transportation and mobility plan as well as commute concierge services that are available to assist the Vanderbilt University community with daily travel decisions and help reduce personal carbon footprint.