VUPS provides electric scooter and bicycle safety tips

Electric scooters and bicycles are excellent on-campus mobility options, but safety comes first. When riding, stay alert and follow the following safety precautions.

  • Wear a helmet: Helmet use is not required by the state of Tennessee but is strongly recommended for scooters and bikes. Need a helmet? Schedule a free helmet pickup by emailing
  • Be seen: Wearing brightly colored and reflective clothing increases your chance of being seen, helping reduce potential crashes. If riding on streets, don’t squeeze between slow-moving vehicles as this decreases visibility.
  • Ride predictably: Respect traffic signals and stop signs. Slow down to assess safety before entering a crosswalk or street crossing. Drivers don’t expect fast-moving vehicles in these low-visibility areas and may not yield in time.
  • Pay attention to your surroundings: Wearing earbuds or headphones reduces awareness of hazards; ride without these accessories.
  • Look out for others: Pedestrians have the right of way on paths and sidewalks. Slow down or dismount if in a busy area. The 21st Avenue pedestrian bridge, Rand Wall and Medical Center Plaza are dismount zones.
  • Help prevent theft: Properly lock your vehicle, preferably with a U-lock style lock, which is sturdier than most cable locks.
  • Register your mobility vehicle: If stolen, this can help locate and reclaim the property if found. Register online anytime.
  • Charge responsibly: Many batteries can be a fire hazard. As such, the charging of e-scooters and e-bikes in any university building is prohibited.

However you ride—stay alert; think about your environment, other motorists and pedestrians; and set a goal of riding safely.