Announcing a new program supporting undergraduate research and discovery

Dear students,

As undergraduate scholars, researchers and innovators, you bring a vital element to the spirit of discovery that fuels Vanderbilt’s educational mission and the positive impact that our university has in the world. Today I am excited to announce the launch of Discovery Vanderbilt, our major new investment in Vanderbilt’s capacity for research and innovation. Discovery Vanderbilt aims to propel our university dramatically forward in global reach, impact and reputation by supporting our faculty and students in rigorous inquiry and innovation, whether in the lab, the archive, the design studio or the startup.

Discovery Vanderbilt is a catalyst. It aims to drive the development of new knowledge, perspectives and solutions to the world’s greatest challenges by developing our internal ecosystem for discovery and providing support for research, innovation and creative expression.

Among other resources, Discovery Vanderbilt will provide increased support specifically for undergraduate research and innovation, including funding for student research internships and student innovations and startups. It also will enable you to engage in more mentorship opportunities with faculty and graduate students. I have been profoundly impressed with the research and innovation I have seen among our undergraduates, and I am excited to see what Discovery Vanderbilt will help you do next.

We will be finalizing the details of Discovery Vanderbilt throughout the coming months. Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education Tiffiny Tung will oversee implementation of the program for undergraduate students in partnership with Alex Sevilla, vice provost for career advancement and engagement and Evans Family Executive Director of the Career Center.

We are honored to support you in your journey of discovery—whatever it may be—and look forward to sharing more about the program.

Best regards,

C. Cybele Raver
Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs