Researchers seek subjects for kindergarten reading study

Looking for:

Children currently in kindergarten, with or without reading disabilities and English as their first language.


This research studies brain development and reading in kindergartners. There is an initial 15-minute screening test session to determine eligibility for a longitudinal study, which follows a child’s academic growth through the end of the first grade.

We ask parents to:

Call or email us to express interest, or complete the online screener at If eligible, we will then schedule a 30-minute screening visit to make sure your child is eligible for the longitudinal study.


A check for $50 after the initial screening visit is completed.

Visit Requirements:

One visit totaling 30 minutes. If eligible for the longitudinal study, you will be contacted with more information.

Contact Information:

Education and Brain Science Research Laboratory

Principal Investigator:

Laurie E. Cutting, Ph.D.

Other researchers:

Sheryl Rimrodt, M.D.

This study is sponsored by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, National Institutes of Health.