Unity Talks: A Summer Series – Episode 4 – Samar Ali and Allida Black

We're excited to share episode four of Unity Talks: A Summer Series, featuring Vanderbilt University Professor and Unity Project Co-Chair Samar Ali and Unity Project Advisory Board member Allida Black.
In this discussion, they explore Eleanor Roosevelt’s pathbreaking work to advance human rights and democracy both at home and abroad. Besides being a powerful champion for the downtrodden and forgotten, Roosevelt was an astute political operative who understood how to use the levers of power at her disposal to advance her unifying agenda. As a leading expert on Roosevelt and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Black’s reflections on her subject remind us of the role our country has played on the world stage as well as some of the challenges faced here at home.
Hopefully, this look back at history will inspire us to continue the struggle to safeguard democracy at home and abroad.