Plan ahead for downtime Sep. 23–29; early submission of proposals due Sep. 22– Oct. 5 encouraged is migrating its production system to the cloud during an extended downtime from Friday, Sept. 23, at 12:01 a.m. ET through Thursday, Sept. 29, at 11:59 p.m. ET (learn more on the blog).

This downtime has the following impacts:

To deadlines:

To proposals that will be submitted through VERA system to system:

  • Funding opportunities in VERA (FOAs) cannot be downloaded during this time or updated.  If you have a submission due in early October, you should download the FOA in VERA ahead of Sept. 22 from the Download Opportunities tab of the SF424 Center.
  • Existing VERA SF424s can be worked on, and new ones can be created with FOAs that are already downloaded.
  • VERA SF424 validation checks will occur during that time.
  • VERA SF424s cannot be submitted during this time.
  • VERA SF424 submission statuses cannot be updated during the downtime.

To proposals that will be submitted through other sponsor portals that connect to

You can initiate and prepare applications in ASSIST during the downtime but will not be able to submit the proposal until is back online.

You cannot access Workspace to create or prepare applications during the downtime, but any work you do prior to the downtime will be saved and accessible when is back online.

If you have a proposal due Sept. 22–Oct. 5, it is highly recommend that you create your proposal in VERA before Sept. 22 and route it for approvals as early as possible.

For questions about proposal submission guidelines or sponsor requirements, contact SPA at If you need help using VERA, email for assistance.