Vanderbilt University Real Estate launches new website

The Vanderbilt University Real Estate office has launched a new website to provide insight into the office as well as its mission and properties.

VURE, a division within the university’s Facilities Department, manages a portfolio of 1 million square feet of commercial and multifamily buildings in the Nashville area. VURE’s mission is to address off-campus real estate needs for Vanderbilt departments, provide for future campus growth through strategic land acquisitions, and assist in implementing Vanderbilt’s FutureVU land use plan.

The website highlights VURE’s portfolio and properties, including the Vanderbilt Legends Club and the Holiday Inn Vanderbilt, and includes information about VURE partnerships with CBRE and Lincoln Properties, which oversee the university’s commercial and multifamily properties.

Visit the new website to learn more about VURE’s aim to positively influence the quality of the university’s campus borders for the Vanderbilt and Nashville communities.