Lane closure, fence changes at Owen Graduate School of Management worksite

The Owen Graduate School of Management renovation and addition project, set to open for the 2022-23 academic year, will be expanding its site borders to complete the remainder of the work. The transformative project at OGSM will bring all of the school’s student body back under one roof, add innovative learning spaces, and redesign the entrance on 21st Avenue South to be more welcoming and improve connectivity to the Nashville community.

Starting May 17, the worksite fencing will be extended to close the circle located in front of Vanderbilt Law School and move down the temporary roadway on the worksite.

The west-side sidewalk located on 21st Avenue South will remain closed, and the fence will be moved to close one southbound lane of 21st Avenue for the remainder of the project. One lane will remain open for traffic, and both northbound lanes will remain open.

Pedestrians in the area should continue to use the crosswalk at 21st Avenue South and Grand Avenue, or the crosswalk at 21st Avenue South and Scarritt Place, to walk on the east side of 21st Avenue.

For questions or concerns, contact Campus Planning and Construction at