NSF selects 40 from Vanderbilt as 2022 Graduate Research Fellows

The National Science Foundation has selected a record 40 Vanderbilt students and alumni for its 2022 Graduate Research Fellowship Program.

The NSF GRFP supports outstanding graduate students who are pursuing research-based master’s and doctoral degrees at accredited U.S. institutions in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, STEM education and in NSF-backed social science disciplines.

Established in 1952, the NSF GRFP offers financial support to graduate students in the form of a $34,000 annual stipend and a $12,000 cost-of-education allowance, as well as professional development and international research opportunities.

Vanderbilt’s 2022 NSF GRFP scholars

Madeline C. Allen Engineering – Civil Engineering
Hannah Taylor Anderson Physics and Astronomy – Nuclear Physics
Minna Kristin Iavorova Apostolova Life Sciences – Biochemistry
Audrey Margaret Arner Social Sciences – Biological Anthropology
Blake Mae Baleami Life Sciences – Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
Clare C. Beatty Psychology – Developmental Psychology
Hannah Brien Engineering – Biomedical Engineering
Lucy Sammis Britto Engineering – Biomedical Engineering
Rhett Joseph Britton Engineering – Biomedical Engineering
Andreanna Jane Burman Life Sciences – Cell Biology
Belinda C. Chen Psychology – Social Psychology
Dara Craig Social Sciences – Science Policy
Corinne Warlick Curry Engineering – Chemical Engineering
Natalie Marie Curry Engineering – Biomedical Engineering
Jesse Francisco d’Almeida Engineering – Mechanical Engineering
Alice Ding Engineering – Computationally Intensive Research
Andrew Christian Dixson Life Sciences – Cell Biology
Lauren Elizabeth Drake Engineering – Biomedical Engineering
Emily Drue Fabiano Engineering – Biomedical Engineering
Adrian Nicolas Florea Engineering – Biomedical Engineering
Preston Casey Gourville Chemistry – Chemical Synthesis
Emma Rose Hart Psychology – Developmental Psychology
Tao Hong Engineering – Optical Engineering
Andrew Kjar Engineering – Biomedical Engineering
Chelsea Faith Mariano Engineering – Biomedical Engineering
Kevin David McCarty Life Sciences – Biochemistry
Stephanie Lynn Molitor Engineering – Mechanical Engineering
Sarah Monica Geosciences – Marine Geology and Geophysics
Ismael Ortiz Engineering – Biomedical Engineering
Hayden Michael Pagendarm Engineering – Biomedical Engineering
Gabrielle Elise Reimann Psychology – Cognitive Psychology
Nicole Suzanne Sarna Engineering – Biomedical Engineering
Janet Marie Stefanov Social Sciences – Economics
Payton Todd Stone Engineering – Chemical Engineering
Teresa Piedad Torres Life Sciences – Microbial Biology
Maria Valeria Urrutia Hurtado Physics and Astronomy – Astronomy and Astrophysics
Sophia Ann Vogelsang Chemistry – Chemical Structure, Dynamics and Mechanism
Marsalas Dewitt Whitaker Engineering – Biomedical Engineering
Jose C. Zepeda Life Sciences – Neurosciences
Alexa Morgan Zytnick Life Sciences – Microbial Biology

An additional 22 Vanderbilt students and alumni received honorable mention designation for the program.

Aakash Basu Life Sciences – Neurosciences
Bryce Kenneth Belanger Geosciences – Paleoclimate
Kaeli Noele Bryant Life Sciences – Microbial Biology
Julissa Burgos Life Sciences – Cell and Developmental Biology
Hannah Datillo Physics and Astronomy – Astronomy and Astrophysics
Cole Anton Dempsey Engineering – Mechanical Engineering
Heather Ann Hartmann Chemistry – Chemical Measurement and Imaging
Sydney R. Henriques Engineering – Biomedical Engineering
Tess Gavrielle Levinson STEM Education and Learning Research – Technology Education
Kristi Maisha Engineering – Civil Engineering
Reese Alexander Martin Life Sciences – Evolutionary Biology
Oluwalade Ogungbesan Engineering – Biomedical Engineering
Ethan Clair Oseas Engineering – Biomedical Engineering
Melanie Padalino Chemistry – Chemistry of Life Processes
Alexandra Reichert Social Sciences – Medical Anthropology
Gabriel Angel Rios Geosciences – Computationally Intensive Research
Zachary C. Sanchez Life Sciences – Cell Biology
Elijah Sheridan Physics and Astronomy – Particle Physics
McKalee Steen Life Sciences – Ecology
Amanda Zilu Sun Life Sciences – Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
David Y. Qiu Chemistry – Chemistry of Life Processes
Xiao Zeng Physics and Astronomy – Physics of Living Systems

The Graduate Research Fellowship Program’s application process is extensive. Applicants work in conjunction with their advisers to create compelling personal statements and research plans.

The Vanderbilt Career Center would particularly like to thank the many mentors and advisers across Vanderbilt and Vanderbilt University Medical Center who have supported students and alumni in preparing NSF GRFP applications, as preparing a competitive application is a team effort.

The 2023 application will open over the summer with field-specific submission deadlines in mid- to late October 2022. Vanderbilt students and alumni can consult with experts on the Fellowships and Graduate and Postdoctoral Coaching teams at the Career Center, which offers one-on-one advising sessions in addition to co-hosting an annual cohort-based NSF peer review boot camp with the Writing Studio.

The Career Center strongly encourages first-year graduate students, recent alumni and rising seniors intending to apply to a research-based graduate program in an NSF-supported STEM field (including the social sciences) to contact the Career Center for additional information about available NSF advising services.

The Career Center supports all undergraduate students, graduate students (STEM, humanities and social sciences disciplines), postdoctoral fellows and recent Vanderbilt alumni up to two years post-graduation.

The Fellowships Team supports all Vanderbilt students, postdoctoral fellows and alumni who are eligible to apply for the awards that the Career Center supports. More information on all supported fellowships can be found on the Career Center website.

Those interested in the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program or other competitive fellowships should contact Elizabeth Harrington Lambert, associate director of fellowships and scholarships.