Children 8 and older with or without autism sought for research study on emotions, physical sensations

The Autism Laboratory of Affective Sensory Research (LASR) is seeking participants for a study investigating relationships between emotion and interoception, which is the physical sensation of internal organs working, such as the feeling of your heartbeat.

Enrollment is open for individuals between 8 and 60 years of age with or without a diagnosis of autism. Currently, the researchers are especially interested in identifying neurotypical children ages 8 and older to participate over the summer months. All research participants must be willing and able to reliably follow verbal instructions in a laboratory setting.

This study will involve:

  • three to four sessions, each lasting between two and four hours
  • clinical and cognitive assessments
  • wearing an EKG monitor, both at rest and while performing visual and interoception tasks
  • an EEG
  • an MRI scan
  • completing several questionnaires about your (or your child’s) behavior, health and sensory experiences

Participants will be compensated $15 per hour for in-person participation, and a $25 bonus for completing all questionnaires.

For more information, contact