Coping, Connection and Community: University Counseling Center, Center for Student Wellbeing offer workshops

Upcoming University Counseling Center workshops

Anxiety Toolbox is a three-week workshop designed for students experiencing a variety of anxiety-related concerns. This workshop is open to undergraduate, graduate and professional students. Attendance to all three sessions is required, as each week builds upon the previous one.

Black Girl Magic–Secure the Bag explores professional identity among Black womxn. This workshop is designed to explore professional development and identity among Black woman-identifying students at VU. Topics may include imposter syndrome, burnout levels, code switching and professional boundary setting.

Developing Self-compassion is a three-week workshop series in which students will learn about the concept of self-compassion and how to practically incorporate it into their daily lives. This series is designed to help students become less self-critical and respond to their daily struggles with kindness and compassion rather than judgment and criticism.

APIDA Support Group provides a safe and affirming space for APIDA, (Asian, Pacific Islander, Desi-American) identifying students who are looking for support, connection and skills as they navigate experiences related to their intersecting identities. This group is open to undergraduate, graduate and professional students.

Upcoming Center for Student Wellbeing workshops

Life After Graduation: You will be graduating soon, and the question now is “What do I do from here?” While some people may have a plan of what is happening next, the next step after college can be a challenging moment for anyone. In this weekly series, we will discuss leaving college and being prepared to enter into the next chapter of life.

  • Unplanned Unemployment: April 1, 2–3 p.m., CSW classroom
  • Preparation for the Job: April 8 , 2–3 p.m., CSW classroom
  • Workplace Skills/Etiquette: April 15, 2–3 p.m., CSW classroom

How to Student: Finals Prep. Join CSW academic coaches for this fast and focused session to prepare you for finals, final papers, final projects and all that comes with the end of the semester. Please bring as much information as you have about final commitments and make a plan during the workshop. Note: This workshop is being offered twice, once in the CSW classroom and once virtually.

  • April 20, 3–4 p.m., CSW classroom
  • April 21, 11 a.m.–noon, virtually

Home Buying 101 will cover the basics of first-time home buying.

  • April 19, 2–3 p.m., CSW classroom