I Am Vanderbilt: Allie Noote

Allie Noote
Allie Noote

I Am Vanderbilt celebrates the people of Vanderbilt and the unique talents and contributions they bring to their work at the university each day.

Allie Noote, associate program manager at the School of Nursing, plays a critical role at both the start and end of students’ Vanderbilt careers as well as many points in between. Her multifaceted job includes planning orientation, pinning and Commencement ceremonies for nursing students and other events throughout the year, and interacting regularly with the school’s alumni and alumni board.

“I have been so proud to work at Vanderbilt because I know our students go out and make an impact in the world,” Noote said. “We have such a diverse group of students, faculty and staff. I’m lucky not only to have found a job that I love, but also a community that I feel close with.”

Early in the COVID-19 pandemic, Noote’s role expanded to include the duties of Public Safety AmbassaDore. These representatives worked throughout the university to help students, faculty and staff navigate the Vanderbilt campus in the safest way possible and encourage healthy behaviors, like mask wearing and physical distancing.

“I’m in awe of the nursing faculty and students who have helped the larger community in the fight against COVID-19,” Noote said. “Serving as an AmbassaDore was the least I could do as they worked so tirelessly during the pandemic.”

Life has changed in many ways over the past two years for Noote, who planned a wedding, married in August 2020 and welcomed her first child, son Bennett, in October 2021. “I am so lucky to be surrounded by many smart, caring and tremendous individuals at the nursing school,” she said. “My relationships and friendships have become much stronger during this unusual—but, in many ways, joyful—time.”

–Kara Furlong