AlertVU full-scale test scheduled for March 15

Review and update AlertVU information in Oracle Cloud to assure delivery to your preferred mobile phone or personal email

A full-scale test of the AlertVU system in scheduled for Tuesday, March 15, at 2 p.m. CT.

AlertVU is used at Vanderbilt to alert all students, faculty and staff in the event of an emergency that poses an imminent threat or danger to the Vanderbilt community. AlertVU messages are always delivered to the user’s Vanderbilt email address, and users also may elect to receive messages via mobile phone (voice or text), landline or a personal email address.

VUPS and VUIT are currently working to upgrade the integration that maintains contact information within the AlertVU platform. This upgrade will provide daily updates to personal contact information from Oracle Cloud for faculty and staff and Your Enrollment Services (YES) for students. The upgrade is expected to be complete in March 2022.

When the upgrade is complete, any contact information that was entered in Vanderbilt’s legacy C2HR system will no longer be used for AlertVU purposes, as this system is now managed by VUMC and only used by the university to access historical data.

How to update your contact information: Faculty and staff

Faculty and staff AlertVU contact information will be maintained in Oracle Cloud. All faculty and staff must review their contact information in Oracle Cloud to assure they continue to receive messages at their desired personal points of contact.

Visit your “Personal Details” page in Oracle Cloud (remember to log in via single sign-on) and review or update your AlertVU contact information. Instructions are also available here.

How to update your contact information: Students

Student AlertVU contact information is maintained in YES. Please review and update your contact information in YES if you have not done so already.

To learn more, visit the AlertVU website at

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