Construction begins on 25th Avenue for Davidson County’s first enhanced crosswalk

Vanderbilt will install Davidson County’s first enhanced crosswalk on 25th Avenue as part of the university’s West End Neighborhood project and FutureVU goal to improve the safety and walkability of campus.

The crosswalk will be installed across 25th Avenue near the Kensington Promenade. Construction will begin the week of Feb. 28 and will last approximately three weeks.

The enhanced crosswalk will make the area safer for pedestrian and vehicular traffic by featuring flashing lights in the pavement that are controlled by bollards on each side of the crosswalk.

25th Avenue will never fully close during construction but will narrow to one lane at times. At different times over the three-week period the sidewalks will be closed temporarily to install the bollards. One sidewalk always will remain open, and a traffic control officer will be on site to assist with pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

For questions or concerns regarding this project, please contact Campus Planning and Construction at