Center for Student Wellbeing offers academic and well-being coaching

The Center for Student Wellbeing offers academic and well-being coaching for students to gain tangible skills and strategic insight for meeting their academic and personal well-being goals.

Through academic coaching, students can polish their study skills and learn to manage their time to apply those skills effectively. Well-being coaching is a good fit for students who are looking to improve coping skills, manage negative emotions, balance responsibilities or navigate life transitions.

Peer guides, who are trained student coaches, also are available to meet with undergraduate students for support and guidance.

Students can schedule an appointment with an academic or well-being coach or with a Peer Guide by calling the Center for Student Wellbeing at 615-322-0480, emailing or attending a drop-in session.

Academic coaching includes the following:

  • academic time management (i.e., organizing study schedules, quantifying study time)
  • academic task management and organization (i.e., prioritization of assignments, finding a suitable study location/routine)
  • managing stress and anxiety due to academic issues (i.e., failed a test, can’t find a way to study that yields good grades)
  • writing
  • reading comprehension
  • test-taking strategies and preparation
  • academic motivation
  • learning/study strategies
  • structure and accountability for long-term independent projects

Well-being coaching includes the following:

  • well-being time management (i.e., creating a healthy morning routine, improving sleep schedules, finding time for self-care)
  • personal organization (i.e., managing student organization responsibilities, cleaning room)
  • stress and anxiety due to personal issues (i.e., issues with parents or friends, didn’t get into Greek organization)
  • coping skills
  • managing negative emotions/cultivating positive emotions
  • improving self-efficacy
  • life transitions (i.e., personal, familial and/or social changes)
  • relationship building/social support
  • finding sense of belonging
  • sleep hygiene

There may be some overlap between academic and well-being coaching in the following areas. Reach out to the Center for Student Wellbeing if you aren’t sure which space is right for you.

  • academic and well-being time management
  • academic and well-being goal setting
  • organizing both academic and well-being responsibilities
  • stress and anxiety due to both academic and well-being concerns