Campus Planning and Construction summer project requests due by Feb. 15

Campus Planning and Construction is implementing a Feb. 15 deadline for summer 2022 project submissions due to the supply chain and labor shortage issues that are heavily impacting the construction industry nationwide.

To offer the best quality projects and timely service to the Vanderbilt community, CPC is requesting all desired summer projects be submitted no later than Tuesday, Feb. 15.

Departments wishing to submit a summer project through CPC must complete the Project Intake form. Once your project is received, the CPC team, after evaluating the scope of work and assigning a project manager, will assess if the project can be completed within the requested timeframe.

Learn more about the process for requesting a project, including funding authorization, here.

When submitting requests, please ensure all approval memos are in place, if applicable, so that the CPC team may be able to better meet the proposed schedule. Although CPC will do its best to complete all projects within the requested timeframe, due to regional, national and international challenges associated with labor and materials, timeframes cannot be guaranteed.

These are unique times, and CPC appreciates the Vanderbilt community’s understanding for the implementation of this deadline. The intention of this communication is to offer a proactive and date-specific timeline so that CPC may be positioned to produce successful outcomes.

For any questions regarding submitting summer work requests, please email