Headspace offers Vanderbilt students live webinar on healthy sleep hygiene  

Dreaming of more restful sleep? Headspace is here to make bedtime better.

Join Cait Ross, Engagement Manager, for this 30-minute webinar on how to create the ideal environment for sleep on Monday, Oct. 25 at 5 p.m. CT. We’ll discuss the science behind mindfulness and sleep, share tips for getting a good night’s rest and explore how Headspace can help.

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If you haven’t already, Vanderbilt students can sign up for a FREE Headspace Account here.

Headspace is an award-winning, research-backed digital tool for mindful living with over 1,200+ hours of themed meditations, sleep content, mindful movement exercises, and focus music. With over 75+ research collaborations and 26 published studies as the mindfulness digital intervention of choice, Headspace has been shown to reduce stress, improve focus and increase resilience and happiness. Now you can keep track of how you’re feeling with My Progress. Find it in the Profile tab in the app and see how meditation and mindfulness make a difference over time.

For other self-directed tools to improve mental wellbeing, visit the Student Care Network’s Self-Directed Tools page.