‘Design Thinking, Upskilling and Experimenting for Career Growth’ Oct. 6

Join Human Resources’ Employee Learning and Engagement for “Design Thinking, Upskilling and Experimenting for Career Growth” on Wednesday, Oct. 6, from 2 to 4 p.m. CT.

In this workshop, participants will explore design thinking, upskilling and experimenting and how these concepts and tools can be applied to your professional life. For example, prototyping and how skills might transfer to a specific role in the future and what actions to take to experiment will be discussed. Participants will actively engage in discussions around their potential futures, their current role and related skills, and actionable steps for moving forward.

While the workshop might not help you discover your passion or dream job in one session, it can help you begin the process of moving forward on your current career path and creating and leveraging opportunities for growth. Participants also will explore learning and growth opportunities within Vanderbilt and how they can harness such experiences for professional and personal development.

This workshop is relevant to any employee interested in career growth, either now or in the future, and is especially relevant if you are considering pivoting or leveraging your skills in a different way.

Note: This workshop includes approximately five minutes of pre-work. Please consider whether the participation level (Level 3: Collaborate and Create) is a good fit for you—breakout rooms, exercises and activities are included. Discussion and feedback are critical to the design thinking process; we’ll do these in a supportive and inspiring environment.

Access the Oct. 6 virtual workshop here. >>

Employee Learning and Engagement: Design Thinking