UCC provides easy access to informal, confidential consultations with a therapist

Students looking for an informal way to chat with a therapist are encouraged to use the University Counseling Center’s free Drop-In Consultations. During these telehealth consultations, therapists will help you with specific problems and provide you with an opportunity to see what it is like to speak with a counselor.

The UCC offers a number of identity-specific Drop-In Consultations based on current events and student feedback. There are drop-in spaces for all identities, as well as the following specific identities:   

  • Student athletes 
  • Graduate and professional students 
  • Black students 
  • LGBTQIA+ students  
  • Students navigating grief and loss 
  • International students 
  • AAPI students 
  • Disabled and/or neurodiverse students 
  • Ask a med provider (beginning in October) 

Appointments can be scheduled beginning one day in advance and up to 30 minutes prior to the appointment time.   

Here’s how to schedule a Drop-in Consultation:  

Step 1: Visit the Drop-in Consultation Website and identify a time and provider that aligns with your needs and identity.  

Step 2: Log into the Student Care Network Portal. 

Step 3: Select “UCC” from the drop down, and then “Telehealth Drop-In Consultation.”  

Step 4: Click on the appropriate time slot and schedule your appointment. 

Step 5: At the time of your appointment, log back into the SCN Student Portal. You will find the Zoom link for your Drop-In Consultation appointment at the top of the screen.  

If you are experiencing an immediate mental health emergency, you are encouraged to attend UCC Urgent Care instead of using a Drop-In Consultation. Connect with UCC Urgent Care by calling 615-322-2571.