‘Creating Presentations That Stick—Design Principles’ Sept. 23

Join Human Resources’ Employee Learning and Engagement for “Creating Presentations That Stick: Design Principles” from 10:30 a.m. to noon CT on Thursday, Sept. 23. Rooted in learning science, this virtual workshop explores what makes presentations effective and memorable.

Participants will explore how to leverage instructional design and graphic design principles. Through analysis of examples, they will distinguish components of average presentations versus exemplary presentations and explore how they might infuse design principles into their own work. Participants will take away foundational knowledge of instructional and graphic design principles, resources for more in-depth learning on both, and tools related to accessibility.

In the forthcoming second part of this workshop (separate registration required), participants will focus on audience engagement and explore how to integrate meaningful engagement opportunities into their presentations and talks.

Access the Sept. 23 workshop here. >>

ELE Presents: Creating Presentations That Stick