Study seeks kindergarten-age participants for reading research


Children currently in kindergarten, with or without reading disabilities, with English as their first language.

Study description:

This research studies brain development and reading in kindergarteners. There is an initial 15-minute screening session to determine eligibility for a longitudinal study, which will follow the child’s academic growth through the end of the first grade.

If interested:

Call or email us to express interest, or complete our online screener. If eligible, we will then schedule a 30-minute screening visit to make sure your child is eligible for the longitudinal study.


Check for $50 after initial screening visit is completed.

Visit requirements:

One visit totaling 30 minutes. If eligible for longitudinal study, you will be contacted with more information.

Contact information:

Education and Brain Science Research Laboratory

Principal Investigator:

Laurie E. Cutting, Ph.D.

Other researchers:

Sheryl Rimrodt, M.D.

The study is conducted by the Education and Brain Science Laboratory of the Vanderbilt Department of Special Education. The study is sponsored by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development of the National Institutes of Health.