Security notice UPDATE: Possible shots fired at Holiday Inn

Vanderbilt University Police Department received a report of possible gun shots at the Holiday Inn on West End Avenue at approximately 1:34 p.m. on Monday, May 10. VUPD personnel arrived at 1:36 p.m. along with Metro Police and Metro Fire Department.

On arrival, there was no immediate indication of any crime having occurred, nor any victim. However, the Vanderbilt University Police Department continued to investigate. At 2:30 p.m. through review of video surveillance, VUPD observed a confrontation between individuals in two vehicles. This information, along with several reports of possible gun shots initiated the dissemination of an AlertVU to the university and Medical Center.

The two vehicles in question, a silver Dodge Charger and a silver Buick, were observed on video fleeing the campus area.

This is an active and ongoing investigation; however, there is no ongoing threat to the Vanderbilt community.

This security notice is being issued to remind the Vanderbilt community of the following:

  • Scan the area before you exit or approach your vehicle or building and while you proceed between sites.
  • Have your key ready in hand to quickly access the door of your vehicle/building.
  • Stay alert and trust your instincts. If you feel uneasy, leave. Go to a safe location and notify VUPD.
  • If a stranger does approach, maintain a distance and be observant. If they are in a vehicle, get the license plate number.
  • Stay alert. If you feel uneasy, leave the area. Go to a safe location and notify VUPD.
  • Report any suspicious persons to VUPD. Be prepared to describe the person as best as you can.

Resources and assistance for students, faculty and staff

  • The Vanderbilt University Police Department is available to assist you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you need assistance, call (615) 421-1911, or for non-emergency assistance, call (615) 322-2745.
  • The Project Safe Center offers a support line 24 hours a day, seven days a week at (615) 322-SAFE (7233).
  • The Title IX Office can be reached at (615) 343-9004.
  • The University Counseling Center can be reached at (615) 322-2571.

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