Design Thinking, Design Doing available at the Wond’ry

Looking for an opportunity to learn about design thinking, earn course credit, work with a team, and make a difference for a client organization?

This spring, join Professor Dave Owens in his course Design Thinking, Design Doing (UNIV 3350/5350). Open to graduate, professional and upper-level undergraduate students, participants will work in multidisciplinary, multilevel teams on projects for real clients.

Though a list of relevant projects will be made available, students are also be encouraged to propose projects for the course.

Learn more about the course online.


UNIV 3350/ 5350, Design Thinking, Design Doing, Spring 2021. An introduction to human-centered design, which researches interactions between people and their environments and how to develop purposeful interventions and innovations. Prof. David Owens, Owen Graduate School of Management