Separation of Exchange Outlook address book complete

The VU/VUMC shared Exchange Outlook address book separation is complete. With this change complete, there are a few things you may notice and may need to update.

If you regularly email addresses and are receiving error messages when sending, Outlook may have saved/cached the address, and it will need to be updated. To clear the saved/cached, please visit the FAQ page.

If you had email distribution lists with email addresses, those addresses were removed from the email list. If you need an email list with address(es), you should migrate those to a LISTSERV. For assistance converting the VU email distribution list(s) to LISTSERV lists, please contact VUIT Support at 615-343-9999, or submit a help request at

If you have calendar invites that include email addresses, the meeting will not be impacted, but if you make any changes to the meeting, the update notifications sent to addresses will not be sent and you will receive an error. We recommend that if you need to make any revisions to an invite, that you instead cancel the meeting entirely and resend a new invite in its place. To avoid future issues, we also recommend that you pre-emptively cancel and recreate re-occurring meetings with invitees.

For more details, please visit the FAQs, or contact VUIT Support at 615-343-9999 or submit a help request at