A message from Chancellor Diermeier to staff on our common purpose

Dear Vanderbilt staff,

As we say goodbye to a uniquely challenging and successful semester at Vanderbilt and look forward to the promise of the new year, it is my honor to share the tremendous sense of pride and gratitude I have felt since joining you as chancellor. I have been inspired by your hard work, your innovation and your adaptability as we have navigated a situation like no other in our lifetimes.

Your dedication, compassion and creativity inspire our students and faculty too—and have helped them remain committed to a culture that has kept our campus safe and enabled our mission as a world-class research institution to thrive during this critical time. You are demonstrating that our One Vanderbilt spirit truly has no bounds.

At Vanderbilt, we believe in the power of human potential to create a positive impact in the world—and this value will carry us into 2021 with continued optimism. We do so with the sobering weight the staggering toll that COVID-19 has exacted on human life and society foremost in our minds. This is especially important as we approach the spring semester and infections continue to rise. I am deeply grateful for your commitment to our common purpose and know that you will encourage and support one another and our faculty, students and community members throughout the remainder of this academic year.

In the meantime, thank you again for welcoming me as chancellor and for all that you do to make Vanderbilt exceptional. I wish you and yours a peaceful holiday season and a happy new year.


Daniel Diermeier

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