Zoom cloud recording storage cleanup to start Jan. 11

Zoom web conferencingWhen you record a meeting in Zoom, you have the option to save that recording to the Zoom cloud. However, Vanderbilt’s cloud storage with Zoom is limited and was never intended to be a long-term storage location, as the university has many other storage options available.

Beginning Jan. 11, 2021, Vanderbilt will save Zoom cloud recordings for a maximum of 90 days. As a result, on Jan. 11 all cloud recordings made prior to Oct. 13, 2020, will be deleted from Zoom’s cloud storage, and recordings will continue to be deleted on a 90-day rolling basis. This will include recordings from meetings and webinars.

Please review your Zoom cloud recordings as soon as possible. If you have recordings that you would like to keep, download and save them to one of the many alternative storage locations available to you (instructions below).

If you need assistance with Zoom, please call VUIT Support at 615-343-9999, or submit a help request at

Instructions to view, download and delete Zoom cloud recordings

  1. Navigate to and sign in.
  2. Click on “Recordings” on the left side.
  3. Next to each of your recordings, there is a “More” button. From there you can either download or delete a recording.
  4. If you have recordings you need to keep, you should download them and save them to the storage location of your choice (OneDrive, Kaltura, etc.). Once downloaded, please delete the recording from Zoom’s cloud storage.

If your recording is teaching-related, we recommend you review information put together by the Center for Teaching that provides guidance on what recordings can be saved, what recordings can be shared and with whom, and recommended storage locations.