Diermeier announces paid administrative closure days Dec. 22 and 23

Chancellor Daniel Diermeier (John Russell/Vanderbilt)
Chancellor Daniel Diermeier (John Russell/Vanderbilt)

Chancellor Daniel Diermeier announced that Vanderbilt University will grant two administrative closure days at the beginning of the 2020 winter break—Dec. 22 and Dec. 23. Paid time off for staff will begin on Dec. 22, instead of Dec. 24 as originally scheduled.

“I hope these paid days off will provide a moment to unwind and catch up with family and friends before the holidays,” Diermeier said. “Now more than ever, it is important that we find these moments to slow down and recharge. We are all committed to supporting our staff’s wellbeing and sense of balance in our lives.”

Diermeier announced the Dec. 22 and 23 closure now to give employees additional time to plan winter break activities. Vanderbilt University will observe Dec. 24 and 25 and Jan. 1 as paid holidays, and Dec. 26-31 as winter break.

The university has two administrative closure days to be used at the chancellor’s discretion each year.

Vanderbilt University never completely closes. Employees should consult with managers about special situations or requirements, including those who are needed to work on Dec. 22 and 23. Those essential operations employees will receive an alternate day off or be paid out at management’s discretion.