Simplified time entry in Oracle Cloud for employees working holidays, second and third shifts

Beginning with the biweekly period starting Oct. 18 and the weekly period starting Oct. 19, the process for recording second shift, third shift and holiday premiums and for reporting worked holidays has been simplified.

As a result, eligible employees will now only need to create one time entry when working a second shift, third shift and/or holiday in order to receive both their regular pay and any applicable premium.

Instructions and training

Two new articles are available in the Oracle Cloud My Knowledge app that provide users with instructions and examples of the updated process. (Note: Remember to sign in to Oracle via Company Single Sign-On):

The following resources for creating and submitting time cards are also available:

Reminder: Manager approvals for Oct. 18–31 biweekly time cards are due before noon on Monday, Nov. 2.

The payroll calendar and related deadlines are not impacted by the update to the time entry process.

Biweekly employees and student workers are reminded they should always submit their time cards for manager review and approval as soon as they finish working during each biweekly period. Managers should review and take action on time cards immediately upon receipt, as all managers must complete approvals before noon on the Monday following the biweekly period end date.