Vanderbilt University Learning Exchange available to students via Brightspace

In the coming days, the Vanderbilt University Learning Exchange will launch a pilot program for a new test repository that includes old exams contributed by current faculty.  A collaborative effort among the Vanderbilt Student Government Academic Affairs Committee, the Office of Faculty Affairs in the Office of the Provost, the Center for Teaching and academic departments across campus, the Learning Exchange seeks to offer current undergraduate students additional tools to improve their mastery of course material and allow them to make more informed decisions when selecting courses.

“The Learning Exchange will provide all Vanderbilt undergraduate students with study materials, including past exams, to help build a more equitable academic classroom,” said Puja Jagasia, senior and chair of VSG’s Academic Affairs Committee. “While the pilot is launching with a few test-heavy courses, we hope to grow the Learning Exchange to encompass more courses and study materials to foster a more collaborative academic environment. This resource will help offset inequities created by organizations with large test banks, such as Greek and pre-professional organizations.”

The Learning Exchange will be housed on Brightspace and available to any Brightspace user who self-enrolls. Students must access materials through their personal Brightspace accounts.

Given a faculty member’s intellectual property rights in course materials, the Learning Exchange can only accept materials submitted by faculty members. Faculty who opt to submit materials to the Learning Exchange agree that students may use the materials for academic study, to make informed decisions when selecting courses, and to prepare for examinations.

The Vanderbilt University Learning Exchange reflects a commitment to create a more inclusive learning environment on campus that benefits everyone. After evaluating the effectiveness of the pilot program and making appropriate adjustments, the Learning Exchange will expand to include a wider range of courses and relevant course material.

Feedback on this initiative may be provided by contacting VSG  or the Office of Faculty Affairs.