Watch: Four VU experts discuss appointment of Barrett to U.S. Supreme Court

Watch “The Law and Politics of Selecting Supreme Court Justices,” a hour-long panel discussion moderated by Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs Tracey George that features four Vanderbilt faculty who are experts on judicial selection, presidential politics and elections.

The video features law professors Brian Fitzpatrick, Suzanna Sherry and Ganesh Sitaraman and political science professor Sharece Thrower in a fascinating discussion about the process of selecting a new U.S. Supreme Court justice and the likely impact Amy Coney Barrett, currently a federal appellate judge, may have if her appointment is approved by the U.S. Senate.

The event was recorded on Sept. 30, 2020, and the wide-ranging discussion covered congressional and presidential politics, the mechanics of nominating and voting on a Supreme Court justice, and proposals for reform.

The featured panelists are:

  • Brian Fitzpatrick, Milton R. Underwood Chair in Free Enterprise
  • Suzanna Sherry, Herman O. Loewenstein Chair in Law
  • Ganesh Sitaraman, professor of law and director of the Program in Law and Government
  • Sharece Thrower, associate professor of political science