VUPS offers safety tips for Vanderbilt community as time change approaches

As fall and the time change approaches, Vanderbilt University Public Safety wants to remind the Vanderbilt community to remain vigilant, whether traveling across campus or to other areas of Nashville, particularly as it begins to get darker earlier.

VUPS is sharing these tips to help Vanderbilt community members remain as safe as possible, whether they are living on or off campus.

  • Scan the area before you exit or approach your vehicle or building and while you travel between sites.
  • Have your key ready in hand to quickly access the door of your vehicle or building.
  • Lock doors and windows of your room, building and vehicle.
  • Do not leave your backpack, purse, cell phone, laptop or other valuables in open view in your vehicle. Consider securing these items in the trunk of your vehicle when possible.
  • Do not prop open doors or allow strangers to “piggyback” into the residence hall doors.
  • Always lock your door—even when you are sleeping or just going down the hall.
  • Stay alert and trust your instincts—if you feel uneasy, leave. Go to a safe location and notify the police.
  • Avoid isolated or dark areas.
  • If strangers approach you, maintain a distance and be observant. If they are in a vehicle, get the license plate number.
  • Avoid walking alone at night.

The VandySafe app has several tools to help Vanderbilt community members. These tools include:

  • Contact VUPS for emergency or non-emergency assistance via call or chat.
  • Activate a Mobile Bluelight to share your location with VUPS and initiate a response.
  • Submit non-emergency reports to VUPS with text, photos or videos.
  • Assign contacts to monitor your safety at your request.
  • Request “Virtual Walkhome,” where the VUPS Dispatch Center monitors your walk to your car, office or residence hall.
  • Share your location with a friend or VUPS.
  • Access information about VandyRide.
  • View VUPS emergency guides.

VUPS encourages everyone to promptly report crimes, missing students and emergencies to the police.

For non-emergency situations, call (615) 322-2745. In an emergency, dial 911 or (615) 421-1911 from a cell phone to contact the VUPS Dispatch Center.