Public Health AmbassaDores prepare for community’s return to campus with new hotline

Community Service Officers serving as Public Health AmbassaDores work with Mr. C to promote healthy behaviors

When you return to Vanderbilt this week, you may notice some community members decked out in Public Health AmbassaDore (PHA) shirts or buttons. These PHAs are a new addition to campus to help educate the community on the new Return to Campus protocols and provide resources that help create a safe environment.

The program includes a number of Community Service Officers who now serve as full-time PHAs as well as more than 40 Community PHAs made up of faculty and staff members from across campus.

The Public Health AmbassaDores will:

  • serve as a source of information to promote the university’s expectations for reopening during COVID-19;
  • assist with building entry and exit circulation and any potential government restrictions, such as stay-at-home orders, masking requirements, physical distancing and gatherings;
  • encourage face mask/covering usage;
  • encourage physical distancing;
  • provide directions to nearest hand sanitizer stations or sinks for hand hygiene;
  • distribute COVID-19 packets that include masks and hand sanitizer upon request; and
  • direct community members to other available resources, including:
    • Return to Campus website
    • PHA website
    • Student helpline: move-in, housing, classes

If you notice COVID-19 protocols are not being followed, report it by calling the PHA Hotline at 615-343-1352. The PHA Hotline is for reporting violations of COVID-19 campus protocols; the Fall 2020 Helpline (615-322-4357) you may be familiar with is for questions about our Return to Campus policies and related matters.

The PHA hotline is run by VUPS Dispatch Center and should be used to report an active concern on campus regarding protocols not being followed. The dispatcher will also point you to other available resources you may need.

If you are reporting a concern about a group not physically distancing, a group not wearing masks or you simply forgot your own mask at home, you are encouraged to call the hotline. The operator will send a Community PHA if available or a Community Service PHA if necessary, to provide information and resources.

Learn more about the program, become a Community PHA or submit a report at