Webinar: ‘Federal Funding for Early Career Faculty’ Sept. 22

A webinar highlighting federal funding opportunities and strategies for early career faculty is scheduled for Tuesday, Sept. 22, from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. The webinar will be broadcast remotely.

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This webinar, specifically tailored to early career faculty, will be presented by experts at Lewis- Burke Associates LLC. The webinar will highlight key research agencies, such as the National Institutes of Health, National Science Foundation and Department of Defense; strategies for engaging with program managers at each; and how to tailor research to meet the needs of each agency. There also will be opportunities to ask general questions and receive information on how to connect with Lewis-Burke for more one-on-one guidance.

Lewis-Burke Associates LLC is a leading government relations firm specializing in advocating for the public policy interests of institutions of higher education and other research and education organizations. Lewis-Burke is a resource for faculty to help expand their access to federal funding by providing advice on funding trends, identifying new funding opportunities, and discussing barriers and advice to overcome funding challenges.

About the presenters

Miriam Quintal boasts a decade of advocacy at Lewis-Burke, managing the federal relations portfolios for large academic institutions, scientific societies and facility management organizations. Quintal co-leads the firm’s National Science Foundation practice and works closely with the higher education and research advocacy community to champion the foundation. Quintal’s issue expertise includes basic research (National Science Foundation, Department of Defense, Department of Energy Office of Science), STEM education, computing and computational science, math and physical sciences, engineering, and space and astronomy.

Kari McCarron at Lewis-Burke is a trusted and highly valued expert in higher education policy, bringing firsthand experience within the federal higher education and science enterprise. McCarron focuses on funding for and advocacy of federal student aid, education research, and humanities and arts programming. She also works closely with clients on education regulations and policy, tax policy and immigration issues. Her issues expertise includes the Higher Education Act and related education regulations, student issues, taxation, immigration, education research, and humanities and arts programs.

Nicole Parker supports the Lewis-Burke biomedical research portfolio in areas concerning federal research policy, higher education, workforce and health care policy with a focus on the National Institutes of Health and other grant-making agencies within the Department of Health and Human Services. She uses her prior experience as an academic researcher and contractor in various offices within NIH to approach clients’ needs in their biomedical research portfolio. Parker has an in-depth knowledge of efforts to broaden participation in the STEM fields and improve biomedical research workforce training.

Amber Cassady covers a range of research areas, including the Department of Defense, defense health, biomedical research, global health and international affairs. Cassady is adept at helping researchers navigate the complex and often opaque national security research landscape. Her work in the fields of manufacturing technology and artificial intelligence, in addition to experience with the DOD health arena, allow her to answer questions about how to best position for success at the federal level in these areas.

The webinar is being co-sponsored by the Office of the Vice Provost for Research, the College of Arts and Science, the School of Engineering and the School of Medicine Basic Sciences.