Onboard personal smart devices before returning to campus following wireless network security update

As part of Vanderbilt’s continued efforts to provide world-class technology and support its teaching and research missions, VUIT updated the vuNet and eduroam wireless networks in early July. All VU-managed devices will automatically connect to the newly updated networks. Personal smart devices, such as smart phones and tablets or other non-Vanderbilt issued devices, will need to be onboarded to the networks by the user.

You can onboard your devices by visiting, clicking “I have a VUnetID,” and selecting “Connect laptop, tablet or smartphone.” Being on campus is not required to complete this process. Completing the onboarding steps prior to returning to campus will help users avoid any challenges or errors when attempting to connect a personal smart device to the vuNet or eduroam networks.

For more information about VU Wi-Fi networks, visit

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact the VUIT support number at 615-343-9999, or submit a help request at

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