Vanderbilt launches streamlined process for employee accommodation requests due to COVID-19

As Vanderbilt continues to resume certain on-campus activities during its Return to Campus Plan, the university is taking every appropriate precaution to protect members of the campus community.

One of those precautions is a streamlined employee accommodation process to evaluate an individual’s concerns about how their personal circumstances may place them at greater risk of serious illness from COVID-19. Those risks may be the result of their own underlying health conditions or age or may be due to the health conditions of a family member for whom they provide care.

To initiate a request for a COVID-related accommodation, go to the Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) homepage on the Vanderbilt University website and click on the COVID-19 Reasonable Accommodation Request button. The button will take you to a page where you may access and complete the necessary online forms to initiate a request for accommodation: the COVID-19 Reasonable Accommodation Request Form and the COVID-19 Medical Information Request Form. Those who submit an accommodation based solely on age are not required to fill out the COVID-19 Medical Information Request Form.

Those who believe they will need an accommodation should submit a request as soon as possible in order to provide the necessary time for consideration of the request and, as appropriate, implementation of an accommodation. Confirmations of submissions will be sent within one business day.

The EEO team will review the submission and will discuss the requested accommodation with the appropriate dean, vice chancellor or division leader to determine whether a reasonable accommodation can be made.

The EEO team will contact requesters with a written determination at the conclusion of the review process to inform employees whether their request has been approved.

Those with questions about their request while it is under review may contact EEO at