Vanderbilt delivers mental health and well-being services virtually, launches SilverCloud

Student support services continue at Vanderbilt in a virtual environment
Student support services continue at Vanderbilt in a virtual environment.

As students continue their remote coursework, student support services are also moving to a virtual environment to ensure that all students receive the support they need to facilitate physical, emotional and academic well-being. Updated student support services are featured on the Student Care Network website, including a mental health platform called SilverCloud.

Through August 2020 students will have free access to SilverCloud, a tool that provides modules to build resilience, help manage anxiety or depression, develop skills to manage stress and promote good sleep hygiene. Based on cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness and positive psychology, these action-oriented programs build self-awareness and self-management skills for emotional health.

Students can sign up by visiting and choosing Vanderbilt from the dropdown list to get started. Students will be required to use their email address. SilverCloud is confidential, and email addresses will not be used outside of the SilverCloud platform.