Save on taxes, impact Vanderbilt with year-end giving

Commodore Cornelius Vanderbilt statue (Daniel Dubois/Vanderbilt University)
(Daniel Dubois/Vanderbilt)

The end of the calendar year at Vanderbilt brings not only shorter days and final exams, but also numerous ways to give back to the university. Given unprecedented market strength, certain methods for giving may be more appealing this year, offering donors numerous tax-saving benefits. These include:

  • Gifts of stock: Gifts of appreciated stocks, bonds or mutual fund shares can be a tax-wise way to provide support for the university. By giving Vanderbilt appreciated securities that have been held for more than a year, donors avoid capital gains tax and can receive a charitable income tax deduction. Transfer a gift of securities here. >>
  • Charitable IRA rollover (Qualified Charitable Distribution): Donors age 70½ or older may give up to $100,000 directly from an IRA to qualified charities without paying federal income tax on the distribution. Donors may choose to make a qualified charitable distribution from an IRA to make a gift to support Vanderbilt or to fulfill an existing pledge.
  • Donor Advised Funds (DAF): Immediate tax deductions and tax-free growth on the contribution are often key benefits for those making gifts to a donor advised fund. DAF Direct enables donors to recommend grants to Vanderbilt University, directly from the DAF (as long as the DAF’s sponsoring organization is participating).

“We recognize that our donors have many worthy charities to consider as they wrap up giving decisions at the end of the year,” said Susie Stalcup, vice chancellor for development and alumni relations. “This year brings some especially advantageous opportunities for donors, and we are grateful for the chance to work together to maximize philanthropic impact across the university.”

In addition to the gifts made through these vehicles, gifts at all levels enrich the student experience, support faculty endeavors and enable the university to seize new opportunities.

For more information on year-end giving options and to make a gift, visit

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