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Wente celebrates early Thanksgiving with students staying on campus during the break

by Nov. 26, 2019, 8:58 PM

Interim Chancellor and Provost Susan R. Wente enjoys an early Thanksgiving celebration with undergraduate students on Nov. 25. (Anne Rayner/Vanderbilt University)

Interim Chancellor and Provost Susan R. Wente joined nearly 150 undergraduate students on Nov. 25 for a Thanksgiving-style dinner in the Student Life Center Ballroom. The students were among those staying on campus during the weeklong break.

Interim Chancellor and Provost Susan R. Wente addresses students at the Thanksgiving-style dinner on Nov. 25 in the Student Life Center Ballroom. (Anne Rayner/Vanderbilt University)

“Tonight’s dinner is a time to think about the many perspectives and places from which our students come to be with us here at Vanderbilt,” Wente said. “This holiday has evolved into a time for gathering together to be grateful and to give thanks for all that we share. It is about how we connect and take a moment to pause, reflect and celebrate one another.”

Students enjoyed a meal that included traditional Thanksgiving fare. (Anne Rayner/Vanderbilt University)

The menu, which included many foods often found at Thanksgiving dinners, featured roasted turkey, halal pan-seared chicken, whipped sweet potatoes, cauliflower and quinoa stuffing, green bean casserole, roasted Brussels sprouts and cranberry sauce. Dessert options included apple pie and pumpkin-spiced crème brûlée.

Students read notes of gratitude written during the Thanksgiving-style dinner. (Anne Rayner/Vanderbilt University)

Wente, who was joined at the dinner by her husband, Chris Hardy, encouraged students to share notes of gratitude on a board filled with post-it notes. Students wrote on the post-its that, among many other things, they were grateful for the university, their friends, families, health and many people within the Vanderbilt community.

A selection of the notes of gratitude posted during the early Thanksgiving dinner hosted by Interim Chancellor and Provost Susan R. Wente. (Anne Rayner/Vanderbilt University)