Project to replace Learning Exchange with Oracle Learning nears completion

The implementation of the new Oracle Learning module that began in March 2019 is nearing completion, and all staff, faculty and students will be able to access their training within Oracle Learning at the end of October. Oracle Learning replaces the former Learning Exchange module.

The transition to Oracle Learning has been a collaborative effort among training providers across the university and also included areas within VUMC that provide safety and compliance training, such as Vanderbilt Environmental Health and Safety and the Human Research Protections Program.

If you have not yet accessed training within Oracle Learning, an introduction and quick tour of this module is available under the “Guide Me” tab within Oracle Cloud or in the related quick reference guide.

Access to the legacy Learning Exchange will be ending, and users will begin to be redirected to Oracle Learning to access training during the week of Nov. 4. Historical training data will be exported and preserved, and new training requirements will now be completed through the Oracle Learning module.

Issues logging in to Oracle Cloud? Need to update your webpage link(s) for a particular training course?

Contact the Process and Systems Optimization team at for assistance.

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